Our story

A few words about Amaltheia Company

The company Amaltheia Catering, with ten-year career in foodservice and catering, specializing in weddings, receptions baptism and generally any other social event from 2009 onwards, and has its own event space in the southern suburbs in Varkiza beach. A place built on a rock, "marries" view, sea and lush vegetation. Our personal aesthetic interventions and care for the space, creating the ideal Cycladic setting, ready to welcome you and your guests to actually do the day of your dreams.

Our philosophy and principles

We are here and we can work with speed and consistency in small or large weddings or christenings. For us there is no difference big or small, important or trivial. The preparation, attention to detail, quality, a separate proposal, therefore, are those that make you feel confident in your choice. Every case is unique. Every customer, different. We will work together and the result will be what you want fits and his needs. Whatever your requirements are, we are available to you with suggestions that can offer something special. The choice is yours. Ours is the professionalism of a separate wedding reception, christening or birthday, unique and comprehensive.

The Greek Mythology About Amaltheia

The Amaltheia (Amalthea) was the nurse of Jupiter in the Ideon Andron, where he had hidden his mother Rhea to escape from his father, Cronus, who ate his children. Sometimes described as a nymph Yada and sometimes as a goat by the horn which was fed Zeus with milk and honey. The Horn of Amalthea was a symbol of abundance, plenitude of goods and human well-being. Refers to the broken horn of the goat Amalthea, which could be filled with any good wishes of its owner. Repartee Amalthea a- (privative) + Malthus [= lack, deprivation (see sybaritic)], so the original meaning of the word Amalthea (Amaltheia) was not deprivation and consequently generosity.

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